Learn How To Share More On Poshmark With This Trick!

Many people questioned the best way to get more sales and more success in the Poshmark business. The answer and the way to success on Poshmark is to share, share, share!

If you have just started your Poshmark business, you should know there are two types of shares, Self-shares, when you share your closets to your followers and the other is Community Shares when you share other people’s items to your followers. Both give you more sales and followers at the same time.

How to Share on Poshmark with Automation Bots?

In this post, you will find a brief explanation of self-share, community-shares, and party share. You will also find how to share more on Poshmark and what is the right time to share on Poshmark.

You can use the Poshmark Pro Tools which helps you in sharing at any specific time.


Self-shares are a strong tool for keeping your closet and listings top of the mind of your potential buyers. These shares show in the feed of your followers and often your followers will share your listings to their followers too. These shares let your people know that your closet is active. The more you share more you attract your buyers.

poshmark self sharing with bot

Community Shares

Sharing other’s listings is the easiest way to spread love and grow a strong relationship with other Posher. These shares help you in increasing your followers and grow your sales. We always encourage Poshers to return a share for share.

Posh Party Shares

Posh Parties are the best way to share your closet with hundreds of thousands of Poshers. Five different showrooms can highlight your listings such as NWT, Designer, and First Look. All Poshers in the community can see each seller’s activity.

Remember—each share builds your network, followers, and ultimately your sales.

The easiest way to share:

All these are shares that you can make but how to share more on Poshmark in the minimum time. There are two ways to get more shares. One is manual and the other is automatic. Manual sharing is very time-consuming. While automatic do not take your time. You can use a Poshmark bot for automatic sharing. Poshmark Pro Tools is a premium Poshmark bot that works like an assistant but virtually. It helps you in sharing your listings and other’s listing at the same time. You can also set time when to share.

Best Time of Sharing:

There are more active people in Poshmark at the time of the party, especially at evening parties. It has been observed that more shares are made during party times. Avoid sharing in the early morning because at that time most of the crowd either go to college or to work and stop using Poshmark.

One last trick is share at nighttime. Nighttime means 1-3 AM. Some people are active at this time and you can also observe sharing activities. So, at that time whatever you share it will automatically show to those who are active.


Never stress about sharing too much. Either manually or automatically. Do both self-sharing and community-sharing. These both sharing helps in growing your Poshmark closet. We hope this post will help you in understanding the technique of how to share more on Poshmark and how sharing affects your Poshmark business.

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